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New Mexico State University

Electronic List Policy

Listproc (commonly called Listserv) is software for email distribution lists. The List Processor (or 'listproc') is a program that allows sending a message to a single email address which then gets redistributed to a "list" of people. The Listproc also provides administrative functions like subscribing and unsubscribing users, reviewing membership, etc.

  1. ELIGIBILITY: Faculty, staff, and sponsored students are eligible to own lists. Students may be list owners with sponsorship from a faculty or staff member (i.e. Faculty advisor to a club).
    • Non-Instructional lists are charged an annual fee of $30 which includes initial setup the first year. The annual fee for an archived list is $60. The annual period runs from July 1 to June 30. There is no proration of fees and billing will continue annually until a deletion request has been received from the list owner or the fund number owner.
    • Instructional (course) lists are associated with academic courses and are not charged (they are paid for with I&G funding); however, a fund number is required for record-keeping purposes. Instructional lists which show no activity (spam doesn't count) may be deleted based on six months of inactivity. Instructional Lists must have at least one owner with an NMSU address. Instructors may have a maximum number of lists equal to their class teaching load (normally four lists).
    • List owners will be responsible for managing their own lists including issues related to membership and postings.
    • All lists must have a short description (up to 75 characters).
    • Non-Instructional lists can have any reasonable name not already in use.
    • Instructional lists must either be:
      1. based on the class prefix and number (section optional), e.g., me101, cs110-05, oecs2553.
      2. prefixed with 'i-' to indicate it is an instructional List, e.g., i-cindy1 or i-nrg-l, and the class prefix and number should be noted in the short description.
  4. SET UP PROCEDURE- Applicants can request Lists by completing the web application form at
  5. NOTIFICATION AND LIST USE: Once the list application is processed, a notification will be sent to the listowner indicating the list name and the password which much be used to issues commands (i.e. adding/deleting new list members).

Related listserv documentation for list users and owners can be found below:

Contact the Help Desk at (505) 646-1840 or e-mail: for further assistance.