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New Mexico State University

Aggie Wireless Zones

Aggie Wireless Zones are places on campus where you can connect to NMSU campus Internet from your personal computer using a "Wi Fi" compatible network card that use the IEEE 802.11b wireless network standard. NMSU Aggie Wireless Zones are provided in various locations around campus, including Corbett Center, Computing Center (ICT), O'Donnell Hall, Zuhl Library, and Garcia Hall. Other branches of NMSU such as the Carlsbad Campus have also begun to go wireless.

Need help going wireless?

Aggie Wireless Zones

Read the Wireless Zone FAQ for common questions and answers.

For personal assistance with connection or setup problems, contact the ICT Help Desk, (575) 646-1840 from 8 am to 5 pm Monday through Friday, or send email to:

How do I connect to an Aggie Wireless Zone?

Connecting your laptop, desktop or other computing device to a wireless access point is much the same as using an NMSU wired connection. That is, your computer's network connection must be configured for DHCP, and you must know your NMSU username and password to authenticate to the NMSU network. IF you have your NMSU username and password handy, you're ready to begin your wireless connection:

  • Make sure your computer is equipped with a wireless network card (NIC) that is Wi-Fi compliant. If you aren't sure, the ICT help desk can assist you.
  • Locate and visit an Aggie Wireless Zone on campus:
    1. Turn on your computer and open a web browser. The first time you try and visit a web site, your browser will be redirected to the "Welcome to NMSU Network Registration" page. If the login page doesn't display, try typing "netreg" in your browser's address bar. If you still do not see the login page, you may not be within range of a wireless zone, or you do not have DHCP enabled.
    2. Click the "Continue Registration" button.
    3. Enter your NMSU Username and Password
    4. Enter a host name for your computer. This must be a name unique to your computer.
    5. Click the "Submit Query Button"
    6. Click the "Submit Query Button" again.
    7. Wait 15 minutes, then reboot your machine.

Once your machine has rebooted, open your web browser and begin accessing the Internet. Your computer's configuration is good for all authorized Aggie Wireless Zones on main campus, meaning you can roam to different access points without needing to repeat the configuration process.