Computer System Maintenance Window Guideline

The implementation of the UNO ERP system has made it necessary to increase the frequency of maintenance required to NMSU’s networking and computer systems. In order to ensure consistent service with the least amount of impact the NMSU community, it necessary to conduct weekly maintenance on these systems. When a maintenance window is required, prior notification will be sent to the appropriate email list (i.e. Employees, Students, WebCT-Users, Finance Users, etc.) depending on the services impacted and will be posted at the ICT Maintenance Calendar. The maintenance windows were selected to coincide with the lowest usage times.

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In addition, some system maintenance may be required outside of the above listed maintenance windows. In these cases, the NMSU community will be informed of the nature of the maintenance and the expected downtime of the effected systems. Please use this information to plan your work accordingly.

If you have any question concerning the scheduled Computer Systems Maintenance Windows please contact the ICT Help Desk at (575) 646-1840 or