NMSU Mass E-mail Guidelines

This guideline concerns the use of NMSU E-mail addresses and E-mail lists for mass communication.

Many departments, colleges and individuals on campus require the ability to convey information to large groups of students, staff and faculty at NMSU.

Some E-mail lists contain over thirty thousand recipients. To be sure your E-mail is well received and quickly delivered and to reduce the load on NMSU computing equipment, please follow this short list of “DOs and DONTs” when sending mass E-mails.

  • Don’t include attachments. Unsolicited E-mails with attachments are always considered suspect no matter the E-mail source. Documents, pictures and video files are often very large, slow to deliver and resource intensive.
  • Do always include a unique, meaningful subject to summarize your message.
  • Don’t include emoticons, advertisement links or catch phrases/taglines with your signature.
  • Do always carefully consider your target audience (an announcement only concerning the Las Cruces campus, sent to the all-nmsu E-mail list will include Dona Ana, Grants, Alamogordo and Carlsbad as well as main campus).
  • Do be brief. Put the substance of the message in the first few lines to insure maximum effectiveness.
  • Do include accurate contact information and a “replyto:” in the E-mail header to be sure responses go to the proper place.
  • Don’t use mass communications to air grievances or flame colleagues.
  • Do send E-mails to large lists sparingly, to prevent your E-mails from being ignored.

Remember all E-mail sent from or kept on NMSU central E-mail systems is considered NMSU data.NMSU E-mail addresses are for NMSU internal us only. Please check with NMSU Data Custodians before distributing NMSU E-mail addresses to external entities to ensure compliance with FERPA, HIPPA and other regulatory requirements.

NMSU provides the “MAILMAN” software to facilitate departments and individuals managing their own E-mail lists. For more information contact the help desk at 575-646-1840 or help@nmsu.edu or go to http://mailman.nmsu.edu.

E-mail lists can be loosely grouped into three types: Administrative, Informational and Private.

  • Administrative lists are used by NMSU central administration to communicate and conduct the business needs of NMSU. Each list is associated with an owner that determines what information is suitable for distribution from their list.
  • Informational lists are provided by NMSU to facilitate the communication of news, events and general information concerning the NMSU community as a whole.
  • Private lists are lists owned and maintained by specific departments or individuals.

Below are some common NMSU E-mail lists.

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