PC Hardware and Software Acquisition Guidelines

ICT does not specify types of PC’s to purchase. The Customer Service Center provides hardware and software support for all major brands of PC’s available on the market today. We suggest that you purchase a “mainline” product which is at today’s current level of technology. Mainline vendors include Dell, Gateway, Apple and others. Customer surveys and consumer reporting agencies typically give high marks to these companies for their responsiveness to customer problems. Typically, many of these vendors include at least a one year warranty with extended warranties available at extra cost.

ICT recommends that for an “average” use computer, you should purchase a vendors mid priced system i.e., not the latest technology or not the lowest cost model. If you think that you require a system which is either more or less powerful than the current “standard”, please contact ICT’s helpdesk at (575)-646-1840 or help@nmsu.edu for more
advice. For examples of current configurations, see https://techpurchase.nmsu.edu/.

ICT will work with you supporting your system, whether it is under warranty or not to help resolve any hardware or software problems.

The same guideline applies to the purchase of Macintosh computers.

Software Acquisition Guidelines – PC and Macintosh

ICT provides software support for a variety of operating systems and applications software. See http://software.nmsu.edu or a list of software available at ICT’s software resource center. Some software requires authentication, even though it has been purchased for the entire university. ICT also provides software support for UNIX and Linux operating systems, Windows and Novell operating Systems. Assistance is available by contacting ICT’s helpdesk at (575)-646-1840 or help@nmsu.edu.