Standards and Guidelines

Note:  Offical system-wide IT directives and rules can be found in Chapter 15 of the RPM and  ARP.

At NMSU, we have a number of official sources of policy based on levels.  Level 1 refers to Board of Regents directives found in the RPM, Level 2 refer to administrative rules found in the ARP and level 3 being required standards issued by NMSU officials in support of RPM directives or administrative rules.  Level 4 refer to guidelines that help and assist with the implementation of directives and rules.  Refer to the chart below for a more elaborative description.

The Regents Policy Manual is the collection of policy statements, formally approved by the New Mexico State University Board of Regents, which govern the University at the highest level.  The Regents have granted authority to the University administration to adopt additional rules and procedures as may be appropriate and necessary to implement the Regent’s policies.  Those additional rules and procedures, published as the “Administrative Rules and Procedures” (ARP) have the force and effect of policy as long as the rules and procedures are consistent with the policy directives from the Regents as contained in this Regents Policy Manual.

This collection of Administrative Rules and Procedures (“ARP”) includes the rules and procedures (collectively referred to as “Rules”) duly adopted through the formal process authorized by the Board of Regents in Policy 1.10, Regents Policy Manual (“RPM”).  This process includes development and vetting by the relevant University constituents, recommendation from the University Administrative Council (UAC), and review and final adoption or rejection by the Chancellor.

The ARP’s purpose is to set and communicate the rules by which the Regents overarching policies are to be implemented, in furtherance of the efficient and effective management of the institution, and consistent with principles of shared governance.  The Rules set forth in this ARP constitute NMSU policy, provided such Rules are consistent with the RPM.  In the event of any inconsistency, the provisions of the RPM are controlling.

In addition to the ARP, additional regulations related to matters uniquely within the jurisdiction of the issuing unit are authorized (Other Regulations).  A listing of links to those additional regulations can be found on the University General Counsel (UGC) Web site.  In the event of any inconsistency between any of the Other Regulations and the RPM or the ARP, the terms of the RPM and ARP are controlling.

At New Mexico State University (NMSU), information technology and data management standards are principle-focused and provide a framework for performing and promoting effective & efficient use of technology resources, regulatory compliance, proper safeguarding of NMSU’s data and acceptable use of technology and related data. The standards are institutional mandatory requirements in support of directives in the RPM and ARP, which must be followed and any deviations from the standards must be properly documented by the completion of a risk acceptance form (RAF) and properly authorized by appropriate NMSU administrative authorities and by the NMSU IT Compliance Officer.

Guidelines are not binding and are not enforced as they provide a suggested approach to complying with NMSU directives and rules.  NMSU colleges, departments, units or functions may develop localized standard operating procedures that clearly demonstrate their compliance with NMSU directives, rules and standards.


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